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How Race And Gender Affect How Asian American Women And...

Hypotheses Individual implicit leadership theories or prototypes of a typical leader have a significant impact on how Asian American women are viewed as leaders, and also have some implications for Asian American men. A prototypical leader is often a Caucasian male and leadership roles are prominently defined as masculine or agentic, therefore, Asian American woman and men may not be viewed as prototypical leaders. The purpose of this research is to examine how race and gender affect how Asian American women and men are viewed as potential leaders. The first hypothesis is that Asian Americans will be viewed as less prototypical leaders compared to Caucasian Americans. The second hypothesis is that Asian American women will be viewed as the least prototypical leader (compared to the other conditions). The third hypothesis is that leadership perceptions of Asian American women will be mediated by the activation of Intelligence, Dedication, and Sensitivity prototypes; whereas perception s of Asian American men will be mediated by the activation of Intelligence and Dedication prototypes. Method Participants Participants will include approximately 200 undergraduate students from general psychology and business courses at Shippensburg University. Procedure Following the procedures of Festejian et al. (2014) and Sy et al (2010) the participants will be told that the study is about personal decision making in work settings. Their task will be to evaluate an employee in a U.S.Show MoreRelatedWorkplace Diversity Essay2208 Words   |  9 Pagesworkplace bias against women, blacks, Asian Americans, Hispanics and homosexuals still exists. This paper seeks to prove that workplace discrimination against by gender; race, color and nation origin; Hispanics; and homosexuals indeed exist today. Effectively managing diversity is crucial to any heterogeneous workplace. Companies need to understand the background of many forms of conflict in order to manage diversity effectively in the workplace. Women, blacks, Asian Americans, Hispanics and homosexualsRead MoreResearch Questions On Gender Stereotyping And Workplace Female Discrimination7192 Words   |  29 Pages- Stereotyping 9 Theme 2 - Leadership Qualities 12 Theme 3 - Personality Attributes 14 Theme 4 - Family vs. Career 15 Summary 17 Section 3: Analysis 17 Relevant Facts About Praising the Efforts of all Succesful Employees 17 Detailed Information on Gender Stereotyping and Workplace Female Discrimination 19 Analysis of the Causes and Effects of Workplace Female Discrimination 20 Alternatives and Possible Solutions 23 Solution 1: Praising the Efforts of All Succesful Employees 24 Solution 2: Use ofRead MoreSocial Identity6572 Words   |  27 PagesSocial Identity From Encyclopedia of Women and Gender: Sex Similarities and Differences and the Impact of Society on Gender I. Conceptions and Definitions II. Types of Social Identity III. Multiplicity and Intersectionality IV. Aspects of Social Identity V. Assessing Social Identity VI. Development and Change VII. Negotiating Social Identities Glossary Intersectionality The condition in which a person simultaneously belongs to two or more social categories or social statuses and theRead MoreMaking Differences Matter8932 Words   |  36 Pagesprofessor at the Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts. Robin J. Ely is an associate professor at Columbia University s School of International and Public Affairs in New York City. Their research and teaching focus on the influence of race, gender, and ethnicity on career dynamics and organizational effectiveness. ABSTRACT: MAKING DIFFERENCES MATTER: A NEW PARADIGM FOR MANAGING DIVERSITY DAVID A. THOMAS and ROBIN J. ELY Diversity efforts in the workplace have been undertaken with great goodwillRead MoreMulticultural Education in a Pluralistic Society21691 Words   |  87 Pagesthe budget to purchase more. Supplies were limited, and most of the audiovisual equipment had been stolen the previous year and never replaced. 1. Why were conditions at Mr. Juarez’s new school so much different from those in the suburban school? 2. How can a teacher overcome environmental conditions that are not supportive of effective learning? Opportunities for Reflection 3. What are the chances of the new students being academically successful in the same way as the students in the suburbanRead MoreDiversity Within The Workplace : Diversity6655 Words   |  27 Pagesneed for managerial understanding of this phenomenon is urgent and crucial for many businesses to survive in this atmosphere. Many see diversity as an opportunity to grow and expand their business. Globalization is a fact we must embrace and learn how to work with. Managers have to respond effectively to the people who work for them and the make-up of those people is increasingly diverse. What this means for everybody is to look at their own bias and prejudice in the harsh light of the businessRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesBlack, ed., Modern American Queer History Eric Sandweiss, St. Louis: The Evolution of an American Urban Landscape Sam Wineburg, Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts: Charting the Future of Teaching the Past Sharon Hartman Strom, Political Woman: Florence Luscomb and the Legacy of Radical Reform Michael Adas, ed., Agricultural and Pastoral Societies in Ancient and Classical History Jack Metzgar, Striking Steel: Solidarity Remembered Janis Appier, Policing Women: The Sexual PoliticsRead MoreEssay on Media Influence on Black Children5404 Words   |  22 PagesInfluence on Black/African-American Children Abstract: An overview of how media in the decades since the 1950s had influenced the education of Black/African-Americann Students. Media in the decades since the 1950s has dramatically influenced the education of Black/African-American children. The media, which includes television, newspapers, magazines, radio, advertising and the internet, is a vital part of constantly creating and reinforcing stereotypes. Media affects and influences the nationRead MoreThe Impact of Path-Goal Leadership Styles on Work Group5648 Words   |  23 Pages   Vol. 22,   Iss. 1,   p.  52-69,6-7  (20  pp.) | Abstract (Summary) Leaders continuously seek to improve organizational performance and enhance work group effectiveness to drive competitiveness and curtail the cost of employee turnover. The diversity of many work groups in the U.S. creates potential benefits and challenges for their leaders. Using data gathered from a manufacturing facility in southeastern U.S., this study examines how Path-Goal leadership styles, diversity, work group effectivenessRead MoreThe Nature of Communication10702 Words   |  43 Pagesbehavioral interaction 3. It is receivers phenominon 4. It elicits responses 5. It is complex Business Body Language: Handshakes, Eye Contact, Posture, and Smiles Your body language, i.e your demeanor, impacts your success. Its vital that you know how to act when you get to a conference, after-hours, meeting or trade show to make the most effective and efficient use of your time ... and to attract those people whom you want to do with business with and add to your network. The success of any encounter

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The Digital Divide across the World - 1086 Words

This research paper investigates the combined vision of term ‘digital divide’ and factors influencing digital divide drawing on data of various continents including Australia and Europe. Secondly, the positive and negative developments to the society that may develop from linking the gap. Finally, advantages and disadvantages to the people that aids in growing their lives at personal, business, employment and global level to profit countries. The term digital divide refers to the gap between individuals with economical access to digital and information technology compared those with restricted or no access in any respect. It includes the unevenness between physical access to technology and also the resources and skills required to successfully participate as a digital citizen. Knowledge divide reflects the access of assorted social groupings to information and knowledge, gender, income, race, and by location (Jadhao 2013). The digital divide originates from the gradual distribution of advanced machineries. It is the standard and certain outcome of richer community and nations work with and implementing technologies since they need excessive revenue. Similar divides has happened with every primary electronic component. Over time, the divide ceases as the technology grow to be affordable and well examined. In order to understand the term ‘digital divide’ it is crucial to recognize the terms such as ICT and Access. Information and communications technology (ICT) isShow MoreRelatedTechnology and Social Inclusion, An Annotated Bibliography719 Words   |  3 PagesKenny, Charles J. (2003). W(h)ither the Digital Divide. http: //freeculture2. As a prerequisite before we analyse the one laptop per child (OLPC) program and then trying to compare it with other Information and communication Technology (ICT) initiatives, it is of great importance to understand the developmental issues all of which these programs aim to resolve. These programs in the current world do address multiple socioeconomic problemsRead More Access to Information - The Widening Gap Essay example1268 Words   |  6 PagesAccess to Information - The Widening Gap The â€Å"Digital Divide† is a buzz phrase heard today in North America. It refers to the growing divide between people who have and do not have access to information specifically via the internet. There are various forms of digital divides but the one that is the most despair is the global digital divide between industrialized countries and developing nations. Optimists feel that the internet and information it carries brings potential to societies of developingRead MoreEnsuring Access to Higher Education938 Words   |  4 Pagesmany forms of evidence have been used in the article for instance a clear bibliography is provided quotes, statistics and charts have been used as well. The capabilities enlarged of web browser, this net like world of connectivity manipulated by visually based user screens was coined the World Wide Web. Internet going online became worldwide keys of economic status, power and political representation in a short time frame. â€Å"According to Wilhelm , in order for democracy to flourish, universal internetRead MoreDigital Immigrants, Digital Natives: Myth or Reality? Essay1040 Words   |  5 Pages(Servon, 2002), the term Digital Divide presents an interesting quandary of information and communication technologies (ICT) disparities among countries in the world, especially between developed and developing countries. Many reports even showed that access to ICT in these information â€Å"have† and â€Å"have-nots† countries was unequally even (, 2001; Fuchs Horak, 2008; Norris, 2001 ; Van Dijk, 2009). Nonetheless, though inequities in access to ICT are most evident across countries, the same patternRead MoreInternational Medias Influence On Modern Society1066 Words   |  5 PagesInternational media has had a large effect on countries all over the world. Western nations dominate the media industry, forcing their values and ideals onto developing nations. Whether or not these developing nations are homoge nized or react to the forces laid upon them depends on the control of their government and their traditional values. Homogenization refers to the norming of a local, or native, culture by the invasion of a more dominant culture. Many different factors play into whether orRead MoreCommunication is the one key element of life that sets human beings apart from the rest of the800 Words   |  4 Pagesgroundbreaking inventions such as the Internet, smartphones and tablets our ability to effectively communicate in a formal and detailed manner has deteriorated. The means of communicating across the globe is now easily achieved with the touch of a button or the click of a mouse, with this effectiveness however comes the issue of the world, as we know it decreasing due to the rapid growth of technology. The traditional ways of socializing and expressing oneself in great detail are becoming a thing of the past andRead MoreMedia And Communication1595 Words   |  7 Pageschannels through whi ch information is conveyed. The use of modern technology has made media our primary form of communication. People no longer have to rely on slower and less reliable forms of interaction like writing letters. In today’s very fast paced world media is a must for closing billion-dollar business deals over email and text, or for interviewing for the job of your life over video chat. It is thanks to media communicates that a mom can be sure to know her son is okay while he’s away at war, perhapsRead MoreThe Internet Impacts The Lives Of Every Global Citizen1520 Words   |  7 Pagessmartphone if it lacked Internet access or social media sites. The world today is so interconnected and informed due to the efficiency of the Internet. The introduction of the Internet changed the world for the better with many great improvements and innovations in technology. It opened up the world of technology to ultimately become the inventive and updated culture present today in the U.S. an d in many other countries around the world as well. The Internet began in the early 1960s. Five researchRead MoreNorth-South Divide1613 Words   |  7 PagesThe  North-South Divide  (or  Rich-Poor Divide[citation needed]) is a  socio-economic  and  political  division that exists between the wealthy  developed countries, known collectively as the North, and the poorer  developing countries  (least developed countries), or the South.[1]  Although most nations comprising the North are in fact located in the  Northern Hemisphere  (with the notable exceptions of  Australia  and  New Zealand), the divide is not wholly defined by  geography. The North is home to fourRead MoreHow Technology has Influenced My Life657 Words   |  3 Pagesnews and entertainment programming. Write an essay about how you use technology, how it influences your life, how you think new technology will influence the media industry in the next five years and what should be done to insure we don’t have a digital divide in th e years to come. Technology is a, evolving industry that helps Americans get through their daily activities. It helps me on my homework, academics and commuting to school and also memorizing most of my academic work. With the help of

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Women S Roles In World War One Free Essays

These women worked primarily with gunshot wounds and gas victims. The Fad’s would have to keep wounds clean, distribute painkillers, and inject these painkillers into men’s wounds. The Fanny however had a much more undesirable job. We will write a custom essay sample on Women S Roles In World War One or any similar topic only for you Order Now Fanny’s would have to clean and disinfect rooms that housed wounded soldiers. â€Å"Some of these volunteers even recalled having to get rid of bodies from the hospital. † (www. Sachem. Du/Erlenmeyer) Not only did these women have to clean the soldier’s wounds, but on occasion had to clean the soldiers themselves. Although volunteering as a FANNY seemed unlikable, the women were happy to help aid the grateful soldiers. Other jobs that women did included land work. One group of women were The Women’s Land Army. The Women’s Land Army worked to bring in the harvest and maintain the farms. Anything that could be done by hand by the WALLA was done by hand in order to save fuel. Since the need for WALLA workers was so high, recruiting officers never thoroughly checked women’s ages. Girls at the age of only 14 were accepted after lying that they were 18. Although the job was tough, â€Å"women were only paid 18 shillings a week. 12 of these shillings would be devoted to food and board, leaving only 6 shillings for women to spend for themselves. Considering a pair of pantyhose cost 3 shillings, they did not have much. † (www. Sachem. Du/Erlenmeyer) Not only did women take over jobs to help the war effort, but they also went out and â€Å"contained† for the U. S. Soldiers. â€Å"They would provide entertainment, hand out food, cigarettes, and sweets, and sewed buttons back on uniforms. † (WV. Www. Warranted. Com/ hoosegow) Women would sing and dance for the soldiers to keep their spirits up. But not only did they sing and dance, but also gave lectures and read poetry. The soldiers would look forward to seeing the women perform for them. It would give them hope even when things were going wrong. A soldier described Sarah Wailer’s performance saying â€Å"I shall never forget as long as I live the blessed white dress she had on the night she recited to us. We had not seen a white dress in years. There we were all ready to go into the line, and there she was talking to us like a girl from home. It sure was a great sight, you bet. † (War And Gender: How Gender Shapes the War System and Vice Versa) In order to raise awareness for the war and show their support, women began campaigns to help the war effort. One campaign in particular was the White Feather Campaign. In this campaign, women would go around and hand out a white feather to any healthy looking man, trying to shame him for being a coward. At that time a white feather was a symbol Of unfulfilled civic duty and receiving a white feather showed the women’s disappointment in that man for not going to serve his country. The point of this campaign was to shame men into going to fight. Although in many cases it proved successful, women soon stopped the White Feather Campaign because people spoke out against it. After World War One women were looked at differently. Men realized that they could actually work and take responsibility. How to cite Women S Roles In World War One, Essays

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A Mid Summer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare Essay Example

A Mid Summer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare Essay The exact same thing is happening to Hermia as she is being told to marry under the Athenian law that she must do as her father wishes. We also notice that the workmens play gives an almost perfect outline to what Romeo and Juliet is about, which maybe trying to boost the popularity of Romeo and Juliet (one of Shakespeares earlier plays). Although Lysander makes the boldest comments about love in the play, other people in the play make different comments on love which, in a way, support Lysanders claim. For example Bottom says: `Methinks, mistress, you should have little reason for that. This is what Bottom says to Titania as she declares her true love for him after having the `love-in-idleness potion put in her eyes. He goes on to over rule what he previously said by saying: `reason and love keep little company together, which from this play you could say is a very appropriate statement. Theseus also claims that `lovers and madmen are of imagination all compact. This claim, in terms of this play, is true as we can see from the young lovers in the wood fighting for the love of Helena, Oberon and Titanias relationship would also back up this claim. We will write a custom essay sample on A Mid Summer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on A Mid Summer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on A Mid Summer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer All the people in love behave irrationally at one point during the play, proving even more so that Lysanders claim was a perfectly valid one. After the whole ordeal in the wood is over and all the young lovers are in harmony, Puck makes this comment about them: `lord what fools these mortals be. Referring not only do the workmen making their play and the exaggerated lovers are making fools of themselves, but mortals in general. Puck has been given a stereotypical view of mortals from the few he encountered in the wood and he comes to the conclusion that they do nothing but constantly argue and act foolishly. In this play we notice there is a contrast between two different worlds, the fairies come at night and mortals rule they daylight, yet it seems the mortals are too quick to dismiss the existence of the fairies. Even though fairies are seemingly a harmless myth, mortals rarely venture into the wood during the night. Yet the young lovers were forced to by the will of Hermias father and it seems that even though the fairies saved the lovers, they still dismiss their nights in the wood as a `dream without consideration of any mythical forces. They do not thank the fairies for making their love run smooth as previously it was in havoc. We have a story from the fairies and one from the mortals, when they meet it gives the play a mysterious twist but also ends with a traditional happy ending, as with all fairy stories. From this play you gain many contrasting views on love, from most of the characters involved, but to say `the course of true love never did run smooth, is not true; to say that sometimes true love does not smooth is certainly true. In this play none of the love we are told about has always run smooth and at the end we are left wondering if of Oberon and Titanias are now truly happy. The four young lovers didnt have certain futures until they had their `dream like experience in the woods with the fairies. Theseus had to fight and be determined to killto win the love of Hippolyta. We never find out if Bottom had true love for Titania, even though she did for him; yet that was only short lived as Oberon changed her back to normal with the `love-in-idleness. I conclude that the statement made by Lysander: `the course of true love never did run smooth, is mostly true because in the pay all the lovers experience problems caused by love, and they are forced to work hard to make sure their love with `run smooth. It seems all relationships are expected to have their ups and downs.

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How to Write a Sales Letter for English Learners

How to Write a Sales Letter for English Learners Sales letters are a type of business letter used to introduce products or services to consumers.  Use the following example letter as a template to model your own sales letter on. Notice how the first paragraph focuses on issues that need to be resolved, while the second paragraph offers a specific solution. Example Sales Letter Document Makers2398 Red StreetSalem, MA 34588 March 10, 2001 Thomas R. SmithDrivers Co.3489 Greene Ave.Olympia, WA 98502 Dear Mr. Smith: Are you having trouble getting your important documents formatted correctly? If you are like most business owners, you have trouble finding the time to economically produce good-looking documents. This is why it is important to have a specialist take care of your most important documents. At Documents Makers, we have the skills and experience to come in and help you make the best possible impression. May we stop by and offer you a FREE estimate of how much it would cost to get your documents looking great? If so, give us a call at and set up and appointment with one of your friendly operators. Sincerely, (signature here) Richard BrownPresident RB/sp Sales Emails Emails are similar, but they do not include an address or signature. However, emails do include a closing such as: Best regards, Peter Hamilton CEO Innovative Solutions for Learners   Sales Letters Goals There are three main goals to achieve when writing sales letters: 1) Grab the Readers Attention Try to grab your readers attention by: Offering a solution to a problem that the reader may have.Telling an interesting (short) story  Presenting an interesting fact or statistic Potential clients need to feel as if a sales letter speaks or relates to their needs. This is also known as a hook.   2) Create Interest   Once youve grabbed the readers attention, youll need to create interest in your product. This is the main body of your letter.   3) Influence Action   The goal of every sales letter is to convince a potential customer or client to act. This doesnt necessarily mean that a client will purchase your service after reading the letter. The goal is to have the client will take a step towards gathering more information from you about your product or service. Useful Key Phrases to Avoid Being Seen as Spam Lets be honest: Sales letters are often just thrown away because so many people receive sales letters - also known as spam (idiom useless information). In order to get noticed, its important to quickly address something important that your prospective client may need.   Here are some key phrases that will help you catch the readers attention and present your product quickly: Are you having trouble ...This is why it is important to have ...At X, we have the skills and experience to ...May we stop by and offer you a FREE estimate of how much it would cost to ...If so, give us a call at X and set up and appointment with one of your friendly operators. Begin the letter with something will catch the readers attention immediately. For example, many sales letters  often ask readers to consider a pain point - a problem that a person needs solved, and then introduce a product that will provide the solution. Its important to quickly move to your  sales pitch  in your sales letter as most readers will understand that your sales letter is a form of advertising. Sales letters also often include an offer to encourage customers to try the product. Its important that these offers are clear and provide a useful service to the reader. Finally, its becoming increasingly important to provide a brochure along with your sales letter providing details about your product. Finally, sales letters tend to use  formal letter structures  and are rather impersonal because they are sent to more than one person.

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Biography of Georgy Zhukov, World War II Soviet General

Biography of Georgy Zhukov, World War II Soviet General Marshal Georgy Zhukov (December 1, 1896–June 18, 1974) was the most important and most successful Russian general in World War II. He was responsible for the successful defense of Moscow, Stalingrad, and Leningrad against German forces and eventually pushed them back to Germany. He led the final attack on Berlin, and he was so popular after the war that Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin, feeling threatened, demoted him and moved him to obscure regional commands. Fast Facts: Marshal Georgy Zhukov Rank: MarshalService: Soviet Red ArmyBorn: Dec. 1, 1896 in Strelkovka, RussiaDied: June 18, 1974 in Moscow RussiaParents: Konstantin Artemyevich Zhukov, Ustinina Artemievna ZhukovaSpouse(s): Alexandra Dievna Zuikova, Galina Alexandrovna SemyonovaConflicts: World War IIKnown For: Battle of Moscow, Battle  of Stalingrad, Battle of Berlin Early Life Georgy Zhukov was born on December 1, 1896, in Strelkovka, Russia, to his father, Konstantin Artemyevich Zhukov, a shoemaker, and his mother, Ustinina Artemievna Zhukova, a farmer. He had an elder sister named Maria. After working in the fields as a child, Zhukov was apprenticed to a furrier in Moscow at age 12. Completing his apprenticeship four years later in 1912, Zhukov entered the business. His career proved short-lived because in July 1915, he was drafted into the Russian Army to honorably serve during World War I. Following the October Revolution in 1917, Zhukov became a member of the Bolshevik Party and joined the Red Army. Fighting in the Russian Civil War (1918-1921), Zhukov continued in the cavalry, serving with the famed 1st Cavalry Army. At the wars conclusion, he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner for his role in putting down the 1921 Tambov Rebellion. Steadily rising through the ranks, Zhukov was given command of a cavalry division in 1933 and later was named deputy commander of the Byelorussian Military District. Far East Campaign Evading Russian leader Joseph Stalins Great Purge of the Red Army (1937-1939), Zhukov was selected to command the First Soviet Mongolian Army Group in 1938. Tasked with stopping Japanese aggression along the Mongolian-Manchurian border, Zhukov arrived after the Soviet victory at the Battle of Lake Khasan. In May 1939, fighting resumed between Soviet and Japanese forces. They skirmished through the summer, with neither gaining an advantage. Zhukov launched a major assault on August 20, pinning down the Japanese while armored columns swept around their flanks. After encircling the 23rd Division, Zhukov annihilated it, forcing the few remaining Japanese back to the border. As Stalin was planning the invasion of Poland, the campaign in Mongolia ended and a peace agreement was signed on September 15. For his leadership, Zhukov was made a Hero of the Soviet Union and was promoted to general and chief of general staff of the Red Army in January 1941. On June 22, 1941, the Soviet Union was invaded by Nazi Germany, opening the Eastern Front of World War II. World War II As Soviet forces suffered reverses on all fronts, Zhukov was compelled to sign the Directive of Peoples Commissariat of Defense No. 3, which called for a series of counterattacks. Arguing against the plans in the directive, he was proven correct when they suffered heavy losses. On July 29, Zhukov was sacked as chief of general staff after recommending to Stalin that Kiev be abandoned. Stalin refused, and more than 600,000 men were captured after the city was encircled by the Germans. That October, Zhukov was given command of the Soviet forces defending Moscow, relieving Gen. Semyon Timoshenko. To aid in the citys defense, Zhukov recalled Soviet forces stationed in the Far East, quickly transferring them across the country. Reinforced, Zhukov defended the city before launching a counterattack on December 5, pushing the Germans 60 to 150 miles from the city. Afterward, Zhukov was made deputy commander-in-chief and was sent to the southwestern front to take charge of the defense of Stalingrad. While the forces in the city, led by Gen. Vasily Chuikov, battled the Germans, Zhukov and General Aleksandr Vasilevsky planned Operation Uranus. A massive counterattack, Uranus was designed to envelop and surround the German 6th Army in Stalingrad. Launched on November 19, Soviet forces attacked north and south of the city. On Feb. 2, the encircled German forces finally surrendered. As operations at Stalingrad concluded, Zhukov oversaw Operation Spark, which opened a route into the besieged city of Leningrad in January 1943. Zhukov was named a marshal of the Soviet military, and that summer he consulted for the high command on the plan for the Battle of Kursk. Correctly guessing German intentions, Zhukov advised taking a defensive stance and letting the German forces exhaust themselves. His recommendations were accepted and Kursk became one of the great Soviet victories of the war. Returning to the northern front, Zhukov lifted the siege of Leningrad in January 1944 before planning Operation Bagration. Designed to clear Belarus and eastern Poland, Bagration was launched on June 22, 1944. It was a stunning triumph, Zhukovs forces stopping only when their supply lines became overextended. Then, spearheading the Soviet thrust into Germany, Zhukovs men defeated the Germans at Oder-Neisse and Seelow Heights before encircling Berlin. After battling to take the city, Zhukov oversaw the signing of one of the Instruments of Surrender in Berlin on May 8, 1945. To recognize his wartime achievements, Zhukov was given the honor of inspecting the Victory Parade in Moscow that June. Postwar Activity Following the war, Zhukov was made supreme military commander of the Soviet Occupation Zone in Germany. He remained in this post for less than a year, as Stalin, threatened by Zhukovs popularity, removed him and later assigned him to the unglamorous Odessa Military District. With Stalins death in 1953, Zhukov returned to favor and served as deputy defense minister and later defense minister. Though initially a supporter of Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, Zhukov was removed from his ministry and the Communist Party Central Committee in June 1957 after the two argued over army policy. Though he was liked by Communist Party General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev and Soviet leader Aleksei Kosygin, Zhukov was never given another role in the government. He remained in relative obscurity until Khrushchev fell from power in October 1964. Death Zhukov married late in life, in 1953, to Alexandra Dievna Zuikova, with whom he had two daughters, Era and Ella. Following their divorce, in 1965 he married Galina Alexandrovna Semyonova, a former military officer in the Soviet Medical Corps. They had a daughter, Maria. The World War II hero was hospitalized after suffering a serious stroke in 1967 and died after another stroke on June 18, 1974, in Moscow. Legacy Georgy Zhukov remained a favorite of the Russian people long after the war. He was awarded Hero of the Soviet Union four times in his career- 1939, 1944, 1945, and 1956- and received many other Soviet decorations, including the Order of Victory (twice) and the Order of Lenin. He also received numerous foreign awards, including the Grand Cross of the Legion dHonneur (France, 1945) and the Chief Commander, Legion of Merit (U.S., 1945). He was allowed to publish his autobiography, Marshal of Victory, in 1969.

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5 Year E-Mini Bundle Futures of Eurodollar Contracts Essay - 1

5 Year E-Mini Bundle Futures of Eurodollar Contracts - Essay Example This pack allows transaction of the monetary equivalent of 20 quarterly Euro Dollar terminations in a single contract. Through Eurodollar contract, organizations can get the following benefits: Â  Limits of arbitrage are usually seen as one of two building blocks needed to clarify irregularities. The presence of price limits and margin necessities on a futures contract are usually disregarded in the assessment and arbitrage settings. There are several limitations in the price of futures contracts and it is ensured by future arbitrage. The existence of price limits helps to minimize the instability of prices by defending organizations against market overreaction. However, price limit can also make future contracts less liquid. Future arbitrage makes future contracts more valuable. Arbitrage generates a strong connection among the futures and commercial values (New York University, n.d.). Â  Limit of arbitrage is significant for behavioral descriptions of irregularities and wider revision of asset valuation. Limit of future arbitrage is a portion of finance plan to clarify variances based on investors’ emotional prejudices. Arbitrageurs can face the following price limitations: Â  The interest rate swap is a derivative to interchange interest rate for accomplishing lesser borrowing rates. Swap players can change interest rate from static to floating and vice versa. Swapping is beneficial when one player desires to get an amount with a floating interest rate while other player wishes for preventing future risks by getting a static interest rate in its place. In swapping, both players have their own primaries.